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SPECIAL: Frame & Matted Print - $60.00 (plus postage and taxes)
Double matte, plexi-glass and framed with Black, Silver, Gold or Gunmetal (matching inner matte).

AviationArtist.Com Bradenart.Com Race Point Light artwork AviationArtist.Com Bradenart.Com Bodie Island Light artwork AviationArtist.Com Bradenart.Com Annisqum Harbour Light artwork AviationArtist.Com Bradenart.Com Pigeon Point Light artwork
Race Point Light
Bodie Island Light
North Carolina
Annisqum Harbor Light
Pigeon Point Light Station
Original - Sold Original - Sold Original - Sold Original - Sold
Prints - $10.00 Prints - $10.00 Prints - $10.00 Prints - $10.00

All artwork was done by hand, dot by dot, taking up to 15 hours, using a technical pen. A computer was not used for any of these renderings. Artwork size is 10" X 13" unless otherwise noted. Originals are drawn on Bristol Board while prints are machine created using either Cover Stock or Bristol Board. Prints are $10.00 each or 3 for $25.00.

Originals if available are priced as indicated

All artwork has been copyrighted. Use with permission only.

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