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2 April 2006

This policy discloses the privacy practices for Braden's Photo & Graphics. Questions about this web sites's privacy policy, as well as clarification, may be directed by e-mail to owner Glen Bradenor by correspondence to:

Braden's Photo & Graphics
712 Fairfield Blvd.
Hampton, VA 23669.
Phone is (757) 851-6530.

This site does not collect information about visitors via cookies or through registration. If that should change, where the use of cookies is added to this web site, then this policy will change to reflect the new policy.

Some user information is collected when a visitor sends one of our electronic postcards to another individual. Certain information is collected, such as name and e-mail of sender, name, e-mail of recipient as well as the content of the text message. This information is reviewed for statistical purposes, to note popularity, usage and picture choices before being permanently purged.

While our IP service provider does record IP Addresses of visitors, it is not our policy to review or track IP addresses or other log data except in the course of analyzing traffic and usage of our web site. We agree that our provider may have use of such to prevent malicious behavior, but Braden's Photo & Graphics does not use IP address logs to track your session or your behavior on our site.

Some Customer information is collected through the course of doing business and such records are acquired via e-mail and telephone and not through forms or online registration. These records are retained as required by law but in no way is this information used by the owners except as needed to complete the business transaction. Business transactions are not maintained on the web site or in a database that is accessible from the web site, including flat files that may be stored on the server under a directory listing.

Please review this policy on occasion for changes to Braden's Photo & Graphics policies concerning privacy and the collection of data on this web site visitors.

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